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Kelowna Braids: Summer’s Must Have Accessory

So I have a confession to make.  After 10 years of being a professional Hairstylist I had yet to learn to braid.  Yep, you heard me correctly.  Loyal had yet to challenge himself to learn to braid.  Until this year.

You see, braiding is trending to be one of the top hair style techniques and doesn’t appear to be going away (when I was told that a bead of sweat graced my forehead).  Unlike other popular trends that fade away after the fashion season ends braiding has not.  In fact, it’s bigger than ever.

It wasn’t until one late evening in the salon that Nicole challenged to to a duel.  Actually the challenge was a little bit more of tough love when she challenged me to learn a french braid by the end of April.  The consequence was fierce: no one would help me if one of my guest’s requested a braided look (even though I do have pretty good puppy dog eyes).

Anxiety aside my practice of braiding continued at home with a mannequin head and who ever else had enough hair for me to get between my fingers.  There was finally success!  Poor Nicole had to endure so many late night texts of braids I had so proudly completed proving that I could conquer the challenge.

The texture that you can create with a braid is amazing.  Whether it is smooth and sleek, or pulled apart to create softness I will admit that braiding is a wonderful technique to add to a look.  Although I am not a perfect master, the trend prevails and as will my nimble fingers on the quest to conquer.

Here are some important points I’ve learned about braiding from Allure’s DIY Youtube channel:

1.) You need some length to work with, preferably shoulder length.

2.) You want your hair kind of dirty, when it’s really clean the hair is kind of slippery and hard to handle.

3.) Gather your hair into a ponytail (your fringe and shorter layers can be pinned back if their too short)

4.) Ensure that your sections are similar in size, feeling the thickness as an estimate.

5.) Watch the video below for the right steps to create the braid.  The one that I love is this fishtail braid by Matt Fugate, Hairstylist.

This summer, enjoy having fun and creating something fresh for your look.  Stepping outside of the box (as I have learned) is the best way to not only push your comfort zone but also is where that champagne moment is waiting!

Boho meets Bollywood: A Gypsy Soul Event

By Nicole Pidherny, Creative Director

Friday June 14 was the night the girls of Gypsy Soul held their debut fashion show. The models graced the stage at a local nightlife hot spot; Cabana Bar and Grille! kelowna salon creates boho looks

The house was full and the vibes were hippie-boho with a true Kelowna twist! Brandi Dea and Chelsea McKinley showed off their new summer collection just in time for festival season. Headpieces were a common factor with every girl in the show and I was loving every second of it. From gorgeous silk head scarves to sexy beaded turbans each piece adds a unique and trendy twist to the hot bohemian style.

The ultimate festival must have this year is the crochet bikini, show off your sexy curves and pair it with a maxi-skirt or your favourite pair of silk pocket pants from Gypsy Soul.

Foot, leg and arm jewelery add a boho twist to any outfit and will look ultra cool as you are jamming at Keloha 2013!

The team and I from Loyal Hair Therapy teamed up to show off our favourite  summer hair for 2013. We are loving careless big hair, fish tails and of course pulled apart undone braids! Pair any of these looks with a wide brim sun hat, or of course your favourite Gypsy Soul head piece and you will be set for the sun! Just don`t forget your sunscreen!

kelowna fashion backstage

Special thank you to Lise Guyot for all the wonderful photos she gave us!

Spring/Summer 2013 Trend Update

Inspired in the natural changes by Mother Nature, fashion evolves to create new looks that accent our personal style and enhance who we are as individuals. Hair trends are influenced by seasonal runway collections of fashion designers from Milan to Paris and New York. Session Stylists are asked to create looks that work in synergy with clothing and mirror certain aspects of texture, colour and structure.

Spring/Summer 2013 is a year boasting pop-inspired floral prints. Unlike the recent past seasons of large floral prints, this year we are seeing small intense floral patterns. Texture also returns to be a popular choice as seen with the ever-flowing maxi dress. This can be interpreted in hair with the continuation of natural texture and movement. Again, were are seeing a shift away from perfect ‘hairdresser hair,’ and more towards simple waves that appear ‘lived in’ over a couple days.

As professional stylists in our seasonal update training, our mentors debuted looks that teach us how to create texture without it looking perfect. Guests are shying away from perfect curls or sleek flat ironing, and opting for new looks frequently posted by Pinterest followers. This rising influence of social media in pop culture has us looking increasingly to Pintrest and Instagram to discover the latest trends in fashion and hair that our guests desire.

Recently I heard a Stylist in a training seminar sigh under her breath ‘Ombré….again?!’ as an educator was revealing the latest collection from L’Oréal Professionnel: Ombré Nature. Ombré is a specialized technique that fades a deeper base into lighter ends, which has been a staple in highlighting technique for the past three years. Simply stated, Ombré is a technique that isn’t going away. It will continue to evolve and take on new appearances due to its natural finish rather than classic blonde foils.

Ombré is achieved by visually placing highlights throughout the hair either by open air (called Balayage: the French word meaning ‘to sweep over’), or by separation with cotton or highlighting material. The artistry is created by the blend between the base colour at the roots and lightness on the ends using a premium lightening product. Almost all magazine covers you see today showcase some form of Ombré and less of blonde foiling.

Spring/Summer 2013’s colour trend is slightly more natural then previous years. Base colours are softened slightly, boasting tones of neutral mocha and varying natural blonde tones. This technique is excellent for maintenance since the blonde does not reach the root entirely, and you will not notice your roots as quickly as you do with conventional foils.

Photo: L’Oreal

Have some fun during the warmest and most glorious days of the year and lighten up! Have some fun experimenting with the latest in colour and texture and push your Stylist’s creative limits. Nothing is more fun then accenting your look with the evolution of well rounded fashion.

Growing Luscious Locks: What’s the secret?!

Nothing is more attractive on a woman than soft, shiny and well-conditioned hair. Aside from beautiful colour and the perfect cut, it is the condition that speaks volumes of how well your locks are maintained.

In the salon, stylists need to have heart to heart conversations with our guests all the time. What it really boils down to is creating realistic plans for your hair that will enable you to get to your desired look. In our instant digital society we have become accustomed to achieving results right away, however we have yet to see a patent on digital hair that can change at the click of a button.

I know how important long hair is to a woman (and a lot of men that they hang around with) so here are some important tips to maintaining your long hair—and growing it longer if you so choose:

Date your Hairdresser – Well not literally, but you should schedule a regular hair date with him/her every 6 weeks (if you hair is above your shoulders) or every 8 weeks (if you have long hair) to have your ends neatly cut. Sensitized ends create splits that work up the strand of the hair creating dreaded split ends that you hate. The more often you visit, the less we have to remove – which is a lot less stress on you.

Invest in the Best – Just like your wardrobe, start with staple beauty products to maintain your hair. I’m talking about shampoo and conditioner. Before we even talk styling aides, you must use a premium shampoo, conditioner and if I get my way, a once a week masque to cleanse and moisturize your ends. Check out Kerastase Bain Age Recharge and Kerastase Age Recharge Masque—miracle long hair revival weapons that use lipids (or fats) to replenish lack luster ends! I always say: would you wash your cashmere sweater in Sunlight dish soap?

Wear Protection – Styling is the biggest aggressor on your hair. To maintain the strength, shine and overall health of your hair use a conditioning blow dry cream like Kerastase Nectar Thermique before your blow dry. These magic potions envelop the hair fiber, seal the cuticle and protect against thermal styling.

Blunt is your friend – If you are trying to grow your hair longer, consider keeping your perimeter or ends blunt and start to grow your layers longer. Layers always reduce the weight of a haircut, by growing them longer it will give you a fuller effect. Blunt lines generally grow out more evenly and trend not to give you ‘wispy’ ends like the use of over texturizing.

Live Optimally – There is no magic pill or product that will do more than your body. Our hair, skin and overall health are direct reflections of how we value our bodies. Ensure you are eating lots of fresh foods with a balanced diet with plenty of healthy fats (hair loves omega from wild salmon). I’m a big fan of whole food vitamins and supplements since our food just doesn’t have the same nutrients it used to.

Growing your hair is a journey that needs to be done over time. Aside from hair pieces and extensions, the only magic ingredient is one that you cannot buy. It is an ingredient that you must produce on your own but guess what, it’s free! Growing your hair only requires: patience.

Happy Growing!

LHT receives Kelowna Civic Coporate Community Award

Loyal Hair Therapy is honored to be chosen as the recipient of the City of Kelowna’s

LHT President, Loyal Wooldridge accepts Corporate Community Award 2012

Corporate Community Award Small/Medium Size Business for community based giving in 2012.  During the awards ceremony held on Wednesday May 1, 2013 at the Kelowna Community Theatre the team was blown away when it was announced that they would be the recipient.

The award is rewarded to a Kelowna business that provides outstanding support for employee volunteerism, in addition to financial contributions and initiatives having had a direct benefit on residents in Kelowna.

During the 2012 year, the team of Loyal Hair Therapy was proud to help with numerous charity fashion shows including Wild Heart for Hope Outeach, donated hair products to The Kelowna Women’s Shelter, donated countless gift cards and services along with our annual running anti-bullying campaign: ‘I AM ME’ with Sun FM.

Giving back is one of the pillars that has made Loyal Hair Therapy what it is today.  The concept is very close to our hearts and is actually part of our mission mantra:

Loyal Hair Therapy is a creative workshop that empowers everyone to discover and own their true beauty while giving back to our community.

It is an absolute honour to be selected for this award.  We do our part in the community because it is our social responsibility to come together and raise each other up to create community and global change.

To learn more about the Civic Awards from the City of Kelowna click here.

So Shu Shu Soirée Event and Tickets!!

We’re pumped to share Shu Uemura- Art of Hair with you- you’re invited to Loyal Hair Therapy’s: So Shu Shu Soirée.

Loyal Hair Therapy launched this luxury product range to compliment our Artist’s style and make re-creating your salon look even easier.

Our goal at the So Shu Shu Soirée is to inspire you with looks you may normally see in fashion magazines and how to create them yourself using Shu Uemura – Art of Hair.

Our Artists will showcase their inspired Haigo using Shu Uemura- Art of Hair products on models and break them down to you. A Haigo is the meticulous mixing of mediums in Japanese calligraphy and art.

During the evening we have a number of surprises up our sleeves like, exclusive gifts with purchase, door prizes and more.

Come enjoy delicious Japanese inspired  beverages, tantalizing appetizers, inspired DJ sounds and let us show our appreciation for being so loyal to us.

Most importantly we want to exude our internal passion of hair and inspire a new look for your spring look.

It will be our pleasure to see you 7PM Friday, April 5 at The So Shu Shu Soirée.


Kelowna salon Loyal Hair Therapy wins at Provincial Style Contest 2013 in Vancouver, BC

The team from Kelowna salon, Loyal Hair Therapy Ltd is one of the finalists in L’Oréal

Amberlee Erdmann was a perfect fit for Model. Her total look captured what L’Oréal was looking for. Grace, beauty and class.

Professionnel’s Color Trophy, held in Toronto June 9th 2013.  The result was an exciting show of varied styles that showcased all the participants’ imagination and skill.

Nicole Pidherny (Colour Technician)- “…our look was inspired by L’Oréal Professionnel’s 2013 Fall/Winter collection.  Taking a classic look and recreating it with a modern twist. “

Melanie Stipdonk (Cut & Styling Expert), ‘It was wonderful to compete again. Competing is the fuel behind our fire and it really motivates us as stylists to release our creative energies and create what is to us; art. After a combined 28 years in the industry we are still so passionate about our work.

Amrit Johnson (Make Up Artist) “being my first competition, I feel so proud and excited to represent my hometown in this national contest.  My new team at Loyal Hair Therapy’s salon has inspired me to grow and create beautiful work”

The team in action competing in Vancouver, BC 30 minutes to re-create a look.

Each team submitted before and after images of their model inspired by L’Oréal’s Fall/Winter 2013’s collection.  In the live semi-finals in Vancouver, BC on March 5, 2013 Loyal Hair Therapy was chosen as a finalist,  representing BC at Color Trophy in Toronto.

Loyal Hair Therapy won second place and earned a spot to compete at a national level for Colour Trophy.  The team will be given four hours to complete a new look inspired by L’Oréal Spring/Summer 2013 Collection.

The winning team of Color Trophy is given the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to Paris, France and compete once again and represent Canada in a global hair competition.

This is the second consecutive time Loyal Hair Therapy has competed as finalists in  L’Oreal Professionnel’s Color Trophy.  After traveling to Montreal, QC in 2011 the team won first place in Canada for L’Oreal Professionnel Pour Homme; the men’s category and took home a trophy.  The salons return to the main stage will show Canada what Kelowna can create.

#iamME Inspiration

#iamME Campaign 2014!

Our I AM ME Campaign is all about love, forgiveness and acceptance an plans to radiate these values to the world! Together we celebrate our differences and support those who feel silenced.  By wearing an I AM ME shirt, or artisan pendant found exclusively at LHT you share your support with the world.

This year, we partnered with 4 community Ambassadors:Ian MacKinnon (99.9 SUN FM), Toby Tannas (Global Okanagan),  Sam Shakura (Rock House Style) and of course Loyal.  Each Ambassador shares their life’s challenges and where they are today.

I Am Me – Loyal from Loyal Hair Therapy on Vimeo.

I Am Me – Ian from Loyal Hair Therapy on Vimeo.

I Am Me – Toby from Loyal Hair Therapy on Vimeo.

I Am Me – Sam from Loyal Hair Therapy on Vimeo.

#iamME Inspiration

Words from Loyal

Bullying is a preventable epidemic that has continued through society generation after generation.  It baffles my mind that the cure for this disease requires only the change on mindset.  It is like saying that we have a cure for a terminal disease and all we have to do is change our minds.

Growing up through grade school for me was not easy.  When you know you are different it is easy for the other kids to know that too.  I often felt excluded from social groups, pressured to be someone I was not and worst of all feeling like the real me was wrong.

Because I didn’t feel connected to my peers around me, I started hanging out in places where I knew I would be safe.  Like being part of yearbook or other social type groups.  Although I still hurt on the inside and didn’t truly love myself it helped me get by.

When I came out as being gay in high school every thing changed.   I felt a new found confidence in truly owning who I truly am.  It didn’t matter what other people thought about me and although the kids would still taunt it really didn’t bug me as much.  I lost friends and grew apart from many but with that came a whole dimension of new, accepting and inspirational people who are still in my life today.

Finding who I am was not an easy journey, and it did not happen over night.  There were a lot of tears, personal growth and reflection.  It made me realize how things have to change, how we each influence change in our own way.

If each of us chose one act to better the world and encourage acceptance and most of all love, we would create a reLOVEution.

My life has afforded me the opportunity to meet some of the most inspirational people who influence change every day.  I knew that I needed to ask my colleagues to join together on a viral campaign to take a stand for those who feel silenced.

With much grace my friends from 99.9 Sun FM, Shawn Talbot Photography, Ignite Design, Sidual Apparel and Kelowna Insta Print dove into the vision.  Without hesitation these pillars in our community did not hesitate to come to the table and join the reLOVEution.

This is where the #iamME concept began to brew and continued to build momentum of creativity and inspiration.

Today we celebrate difference and with each t-shirt that is worn and every positive word that is spoken, we touch those who need us most.  We are each unique and we are all one.  Together change is made in this world and we are one step closer to giving a voice to those who hide who they truly are.

Know who you are – OWN IT.

Okanagan Gray Winters- Add sparkle to your hair

The gorgeous gray clouded skies, combine with dry whips of wind and parched moisture are the perfect combination for frizzy, brittle Canadian winter hair.

None of these things are conducive to good hair! In fact, they can lead to common winter woes like frizz, brittle ends, dry scalp and lack luster locks.

These hair tips adapted from should help!

1. Wash…with conditioner

Over-shampooing strips dry hair of its natural moisture and lustre. Put away your shampoo for a day or two and try just using your conditioner. Or try L’Oréal Professionnel’s Cleansing Balm, a hybrid of 2 parts conditioner to 1 part shampoo, less cleansing more moisture.  This miracle product preserves the moisture and lightly cleanses dirt away!

2. Make yourself an omelette!

Or eggs Benny. As long as you’re getting some L-cysteine—found in egg yolks—you’re doing good things for your hair. That’s because this wonder ingredient optimizes the production of keratin, a protein critical for healthy hair. For extra hydration, add a few glugs of olive oil to your dish: its essential fatty acids also boost hair’s moisture from the inside out.

3. Switch up your hair products.

You wouldn’t expect a lightweight gel moisturizer to combat a dry winter complexion, so why expect the same from your summertime hair products? Put all your humidity-defying prodz at the back of your bathroom cabinet, and instead pull out heavier conditioners and treatment masks to smooth and nourish brittle ends.  You can apply Kérastase Elixir Ultime beauty oils for nourishment of ends and try Kérastase Serum Nuit, a leave in night treatment to revitalize your lengths while you sleep!

The combination of both will combat frizz on these winter days.

4. Book a Haircut

Guess what? Even if you’re desperate to grow out your hair, if you’ve got a lot of dry, splitting ends then your hair’s just going to look dull and damaged.  This is especially important if you had a lot of layers (which we don’t recommend this season–everyone is growing them out). Even if you cut as little as one quarter inch off the ends, it can make a huge difference. Short hair can go four to six weeks between trims, while long hair can stretch it out to every eight weeks. Don’t slack!

5. Take your fish oil.

Omega-3 fatty acids aren’t just good for your heart—they also keep hair looking shiny and smooth. In addition, fish oil contains protein and iron to encourage strands to stay strong.

What is your winter weather woes?

‘I AM ME’ Own It T-shirt Campaign against bullying!

Loyal Hair Therapy and 99.9 Sun FM have teamed up to raise positive awareness of individuality and unity with the main goal being to end bullying and cyber-bullying. Along with Smart Betty, they have taken a position of compassion, support and unity and are proud to launch The I AM ME Own It Campaign.

With the continued prevalence of teen and young adult suicides directly caused by bullying, the Own It Campaign takes a stand for those who feel silenced. The team has designed t-shirts imprinted with the statement “I AM ME”. The strongest statement of individuality is to own who you truly are regardless of perceived differences.

‘Together we can solve the very real and harmful effects of bullying with unity, love and compassion…” Loyal Wooldridge, CEO of Loyal Hair Therapy says ”…our goal is to make a positive footprint for change rather than fighting for something we are against-­‐ it’s counter productive.”

Dr. Amanda from Valeo Health Clinic!

The greatest vision is to bring national and possibly international attention to the I AM ME campaign.  We are requesting everyone who buys a shirt to take a photo, put it on Facebook or Twitter and tag Ellen Degeneres and #IamMe.  We want Ellen’s help to make this into a campaign that lasts 365 days and year and elevates our culture out of the phase where bullying is accepted.

The proceeds from the sale of these t-shirts will benefit the Kids Help Phone and Sun FM’s Have A Heart Radiothon. Each t-shirt is $20 (HST incl) and available at Loyal Hair Therapy!

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